Creating my first game in Dreams, U-BOATbot “Quest for the Chest”


Hello impspace my PSN ID is Redrum237-___- and I had the chance to participate in the Dreams beta. Starting to create in Dreams was so exciting and overwhelming, I realized real fast that I was going to have to pick my battles because there is a learning curve when using most of the tools… even navigating in the 3D space. I spent the first week and a half creating my first game in Dreams. While making my game U-BOATbot “Quest for the Chest” I spent half my time creating and remixing creations and the other half I spent watching tutorials. I tried to execute everything I learned from the tutorials as simply as my ignorance would allow me. I had a great time creating my first game, here are a few pictures showing the progression through the week of my game. Sorry I didn’t get the chance to record gameplay of the game but I hope you enjoy the pictures just the same. Comments and feedback are appreciated. I will post soon about the next game I made Dungys Duty.

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Interesting, an Aquarium type level. Will have to check it out.

Nice shot with pic 4.

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