DISARMED on DreamsPS4 ImpSpace Sessions


Originally published at: https://www.impspace.com/2019/02/disarmed-on-dreamsps4-impspace-sessions/

DISARMED on DreamsPS4 - ImpSpace Sessions Welcome to ImpSpace Sessions with our guest DISARMED. We’ve had the pleasure to get to know a creator who’s grown throughout Media Molecules IP history from Little Big Planet, to now with Dreams of PS4.He continues to make a name for himself and gives us some insight on his…

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This is great advice, I’ve heard this said by multiple Mm staff when talking about Dreams and how they want the creative process to feel organic.



Yep, and have you ever had this happen with small victories too? Basically spending what seems about 10mins or more of ‘absorbing’ some form of work. Notorious with musicians. :music_imp:

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