Dreams Union - Play, Create, Unite


The Dreams Union is an idea, a pledge, a sense of community among organizations in Dreams. Dreams Union has its roots with the LittleBigPlanet Union. It centers around the idea that players and creators may organize into their own groups, studios, clans, organizations, whatever you want to call them, to enjoy the game together. Originally, on LittleBigPlanet, many of these ‘clans’ dedicated themselves to hateful practices like aggressive elitism, harassment, and bullying. The LBP Union’s goal was to unite clans together for peace to avoid such conflicts on a game that we all are meant to enjoy. The Dreams Union is the spiritual successor to the ideals that the Union was founded upon.

The Dreams Union is not an organization in itself, not a concrete alliance. It is a request, an oath, a pledge, to start off our adventure on Dreams on the right foot. Dreams is a clean slate. Dreams is what we make it, and it’s our responsibility to make sure that we can construct a positive, cooperative, and friendly community through organized creating. There will always be negativity and bad sides to the community at large for any game or fan-base, but we can do our best to minimize it and create our own community that people can enjoy.

The Dreams Union is whatever you want it to be. It is intended to be a community free of alienation, one where lore and ideas and collaboration can run free. A community encouraging improvement through sharing ideas, tips and tricks with others. A group of groups that help one another grow and stimulate the rest of the Dreams community.

The Dreams Union pledge is an oath of positive collaboration between organizations. It swears to avoid the toxicity that was a significant portion of LittleBigPlanet’s ‘clanning community.’ Whether you are a small studio, a large and developed clan, or a simple aspiring team of creators, you can take up this pledge to set an example for how the Dreams community should grow.

All you need to do to help support the Dreams Union is to follow the pledge. There is no obligation or loyalty. I personally would love to see this be shared around. We need to ‘sow the seed’ for how we want Dreams to be like so that people will follow our example of positive collaboration and having fun rather than try to seek power on a video game. Tell your friends, take the oath, respond to this thread, announce your clan, studio, alliance as part of the Dreams Union. Get to know your fellow studios and clans! We have to collaborate, so that’s best done on a forum like this one, and through media like Discord and Twitter! Share the #DreamsUnion hashtag! Plan group collaborations under the blanket of Dreams Union. Add Dreams Union logos, and/or even the pledge, to your forum signature.

Studios, clans, other organizations, whatever you may be called, I’ll also invite you to our Discord server via this link: https://discord.gg/Hmk6BxP
Although I’d like to get everyone together on Discord, I really am interested in supporting this forum, and doing that through combined effort through our organizations seems like a great way to do that! Let’s not stay holed up on Discord, and let’s get out there and sow the seeds of our community!

I’d like to thank Godman2k7, the founder of the LBP Union who pretty much came up with the ideals this is all based on and built from. Also thank you to Venacus (Leejk30/Shadow-Man100), McBrearty42 (Stryker-Justice), PaidraigMcEoin, Delboy102, Kazmord, CCSocalGamer, Lgmpm, and JediJosho. Also, thank you to Huntsman007 for a few of the graphics used in this post.

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