DreamsPS4 meme recreations (Early Access Launch Edition)


As mentioned in the Early Access Launch Party post: This contest involves recreating popular memes using DreamsPS4. That’s 3 separate meme contest, so lets DreamAmeme! The first entry will need to recreate the Parks and Rec shocked Andy scene.

The second meme recreation entry is for making the approval nod (No its not Zack Galifianakis). This is also known as the “happy robert redford” gif from the movie Jeremiah Johnson.

Note that both the first two will only allow one entry per imp. The third final entry is a meme recreation of your choosing that you can post in Dreams. You can enter up to two for this third final entry.

These recreations don’t have to be 100% exact but just enough that it is one. Make the recreations in Dreams and post/update your entries here (along with the third recreation reference link so we know which meme you’re doing) by May 16th 11:59PM Eastern in order to enter. Afterwards we will be holding a vote on the Dreams Discord to pick the winners. Have fun with it! :music_imp: