Dungys Duty, my second game made in Dreams


A week and a half into the beta I got to the place in my first game(U-BOATbot) where I was comfortable enough in saying this is as complete as I can make this game. So with a little inflated confidence I set out to make a vehicle, a very basic car that was controllable by the controller. About a day later I had the general shape and mechanics for my car but I had to figure out how to wire up the controller and this is when I realized logic was not my cup of tea. I gave up a day later after hours and hours of failure and frustration. Lucky enough this was the same day a new community jam started( bugs, bugs, bugs).

Coming off of my huge failure to wire a controller I knew I had to use a preloaded puppet that I could just sculpt onto. To keep things as simple as possible I didn’t want to trouble myself with the idea of making a bug with multiple legs that I had to keyframe, so I though what bug walks on two legs and doesn’t look like a cartoon while doing it. This is when Dungy was born.

I was so happy with how just this concept turned out, I was back in familiar waters and I spent the rest of the day sculpting and painting on the puppet.
At this point I was done and happy enough to submit Dungy in the community jam. A couple days later Mm had a livestream and they showed Dungy to my surprise. This was the moment I was bitten by the bug of sharing my creations, I felt validated enough to start creating a game based around Dungy( Not an educational game about dung beetles). ![image|690x388](upload://2cn11LTb4MnKbMExfiMAJsgcFFA.jpeg

After a day or so of designing an environment for Dungy to live in the fact that a game needs gameplay became an obvious realization. My first attempt at gameplay was simply rolling a dung balls into a goal, which was very boring and redundant. I released the game in that state asking for feedback and advice, almost immediately somebody in the community played my game and advised that I should put a farmer that is trying to stomp on the character. This was genius to me and the much need sense of danger my game desperately needed. I remixed the character “farmer kid” with a few small tweaks, I also remixed a song that was fun and fit the tone I was going for.

I wish I could credit the person that gave me such a boost in making my game fun and comprehensive, you know who you are( I just forgot). Hope you guys enjoy and I greatly appreciate any comments or feedback! I will be posting soon about my third game I made in Dreams for the GlobalGameJam, Teddy Waits.