Forum update for 3.0


The new forum upgrade is live. Your profile is synced with your ImpSpace account settings on the primary domain. If you wish to change avatar it is done there. You can change your user background, and profile card here on the forums as well as join persona groups (we’ll be adding all Dreams PS4 personas when the game launches. It’s just like how we have it set in the Dreams Discord server.

There is also more coming. We have the ability to allow different themes, but we wanted to get you used to the former theme which is still here to stay (we call it “Flaur”). Soon we are looking to make the “ImpSpace” theme the default, but you can select it now if ya want! This gives you a chance to better explore all the new options and settings.

As mentioned before, we didn’t import the older topics in the older forum system because right after the first introductions we started working on site updates and broke posting in the forums in the old version. This was when the site was still in its very early stages. Also this gives everyone a fresh introduction to make :slightly_smiling_face: so head over to #impspace:introductions and tell a bit about yourself!