Hi, I'm MrSebosaurus (or just Seb!)


Hey everyone!

Seems that I’m I little early to the party, but I’d just like to introduce myself to everyone. I’m Seb, I love PlayStation, tech, music, and obviously - Dreams! I have a PS4 Pro & PSVR, which is really cool because I’ll be straight on using VR and move controllers to shape new dreams when the game does come out… I’ve also got to beta test a lot of PS4 games over the years and I hope dreams will be added to that list. Anyhoo, other than that, I like to design and edit videos - I’m also trying to learn how to code. You can call me Sebosaurus if you’d like.

I guess that’s all I have to say right now…

See you all around!


Hi Seb, and welcome! Nice to know another PSVR owner. We have a few coders who are part of impSpace as well including myself. You ever wanna learn more or are looking into something particular there’s a good chance someone will have something to recommend :slightly_smiling_face: