Hi Im Subtenko, BYOB and BYOD, party at ImpSpace!


I gotta say we are so lucky to have people over at Media Molecule and PlayStation who provided a medium for us to be brought together. Personally growing up I’ve never known many who were into a lot of creative work more-so than the average person, but we get to have all types brought together which is something I’ve always wanted to be part of.

Music, film, coding, gaming, and other hobbies, I pretty much like to do it all.

I have been so ambitious it’s insane, I think I’ve finally learned from it though. Working on and planning the community site has really been a wild ride and I’m looking forward to knowing you all.

You all are my friends and extended family :slight_smile: Welcome to ImpSpace :beers:



From what I know you’re pretty much the master of all things Dreams and social :smiley: - It’s a pleasure to meet you and I can’t wait to be able to meet even more people through ImpSpace and Discord!

I’ll see you around,