ImpSpace Surprise Raffle


We’re doing a surprise raffle for all you early Imps in this community :slight_smile: Post in this thread saying what you’re looking forward to in Dreams. You and anyone else has until Oct. 31st 11:59PM EST to enter. After a randomized pick the winner and the prize will be announced in November! Good luck, it’s been awesome making friends so early on :beers:

I can’t enter the raffle obviously but I gotta say I’m really looking forward to making PSVR games in dreams.

Nice ideas posted everyone. Congrats to ZeOH for the winning raffle!


I’m looking forward to creating with my friends and encouraging other people to do the same! If we work together, we can accomplish more than we can alone. For example, making kitbashed exploration maps across multiple dreams with a studio!

Together we can Play, Create, Unite. That’s the core message of Dreams Union. :grin:


Woohoo great to see the site well on it’s way to becoming a Dreamers Hub!

To be honest I have stopped myself since last e3 from following too much of Dreams. I just couldn’t stand the hype but as things get closer and closer I can feel the same excitement coming back!

I really just can’t wait to get into a dream world I have made and play it in VR. The idea of being able to share and create virtual worlds is so amazing but also9 the idea of creating a virtual world special and private to me is just as exciting! I also can’t wait to try my hand at the music making system in the game! Also the Home world Hub I love that kind of thing in a game!

Woo bring it on!


Now is the time for anyone who took a break to jump back in due to the release soon, you can almost taste it :slight_smile: that Mm :cake:

Nice to see VR interest


I’m very much looking forward to seeing what everybody makes, and to see what I can make!!


I’m looking forward to using the music creation features in Dreams. From what I’ve seen in demonstrations, I’ve been very impressed with what can be accomplished with regards to music creation using the tools provided!

Hopefully I’ll be able to try it all out soon in the upcoming beta. :smiley:


I’ve been playing Mm games since LBP1, and one thing I’ve always wanted, that Dreams will finally provide, is a way to create characters that are no longer locked to bipeds, or that I will no longer need to use microchip hackery on sackbots to get working in interesting ways. Dreams having more freedom with character creation excites me quite a lot.

As well, I can’t wait to create landscapes or natural scenes. LBP’s 2D scenes were limited in that regard, but with Dreams, I can make properly immersive scenes.

The last thing I want to mess with is music creation, but that’s mostly just because I have a habit of making a toy out of anything that can make controlled pitch and rhythm, so I don’t really have any product in mind with music like I do with art. Still, some of the first few things I want to build in Dreams are simple chill-out scenes that make people feel good for a few minutes while traveling, and I might evolve into making proper games gradually, as I figure out the logic tools.

I guess the last thing I’d do is stream me building stuff on Twitch. I already do occasional art streams and those already feature mostly landscapes and background art. I think it’d be interesting to do that kind of stuff in 3D, with a set of tools that isn’t Blender-levels of difficult to acclimate to.

Mostly, I just want to see this game release. I’ve followed it for ages, I’ve seen it go dark at least twice, and I’ve got fingers crossed that this really is happening now. Not that there’s any pressure or anything, I’m just really enthusiastic about finally seeing it happen after so long.


Subtenko mentioned PSVR games and that’s more or less what I wanted to say. I’m most excited for the potential of PSVR between what the community makes and making my own creations in it as well. I think Dreams could really push PSVR in a great direction for Playstation and VR in general.


I’m looking forward to many things, but two things I’m really, really excited about:

  1. Playing/experiencing all sorts of creations made by people from every culture around the world!

  2. Finally having tools that allow me to put all my creative passions into one form: storytelling, sculpting, painting, lighting, singing, making music, writing, animating, filming, editing…
    To me, this is the biggest gift from Media Molecule to the world: a set of tools that allow us to express ourselves in an almost unlimited way.


I’m looking forward to see Dreams grow and be successful! To show the world and skeptics how incredible this engine can be on the hands of the creative community that Dreams will assemble and will keep growing after the game launch.
So I hope Dreams will be very successful, and gets support from Mm for many years to come, and more games like Dreams get created from other devs in the future, with even more possibilities for the players.


I’m looking forward to trying to make a mirror even though MM said it couldn’t be done :slight_smile:


I’m mostly looking forward to all of the recreations of game mechanics in Dreams. I Very curious in seeing how close people will get to emulating different games.


Well, I’m excited about dreams because I’ve always wanted to make games, but I could never really get into coding. It’s hard and time-consuming. Another thing is that I love art as well. I’ve played all the little big planet games and created a few things. They scratched a little bit of that game making side of me, but it wasn’t a true game making tool, you could make anything 2D, but what about 3D? And making pretty and “fancy” levels were hard for me since it didn’t have any strong art related tools. But, since this game is focused on its tools for game and art creation (The tools look lovely), I can’t wait to create all the things I couldn’t create in Little Big Planet. Like a chaotic 3D first-person driving simulator, an intense, action-packed parkour game. and one-hundred other ideas I have.


I’m just looking forward to getting into game design, from asset creation (which I professionally do) to story creation and gameplay balancing.

I’m a purely visual person and math challenged; Mm has gracefully helped translate all that for all of us to get together and make our dreams come true!


I can’t wait to try out all the new logic tools they’ll have! I’m not very artistic but I’m looking forward to giving that a shot too :smile:


If I had to pick one aspect of dreams I’m looking forward to the most, it would have to be the fluid animation tools built into the core game. The idea of being able to “program” a character model or a scene without needing to know any computer language is a HUGE deal for someone creative but technologically challenged, like me :sweat_smile:

But I’ve been looking forward to this game since the moment we got our second E3 teaser that showed off the hammer winging bear! XD And we were told this was all made in-game! I hope to be able to make my own characters, my own game demos, animations, and music. I want to try and make my own Dreams a reality :wink:


Congrats to ZeOH on winning the raffle :slight_smile: