The Overlook Maze, my last creation made in Dreams


The last couple days before the Dreams beta ended Mm announced a new community jam, Chinese New Year. I was not sold on this topic and I didn’t feel passionate enough to spend the last days of the beta creating something for this jam. So I went in the opposite direction and decided to create something I was very passionate about, The Shining specifically The Overlook Maze. With this in mind I remembered a video on YouTube that Adam Savage made about recreating the maze for the Stanley Kubrick museum. A quick search brought me to where I was overwhelmed with a treasure trove of reference material and the actual creative process of Adam Savage.

The first two and last two images (above) are my graphs/ grids and the middle photo is from Savage. With these graphs in hand I felt confident enough to start building in Dreams.
From this moment on everything became 10 times more meticulous, starting with the ratio of the hedge walls and the spaces between them. I knew (thanks to Savage) that the walls and the spaces where not 1:1, the walls are slightly slimmer than the spaces. But in the interest of keeping things simple I elected to keep the spaces and walls equal just so I could get the maze into the world. Which I adjusted later on in the process by cutting each side of every wall.
With the general construction behind me I went back to the reference photos provided by Savage to create the assets like benches, lamp post, a magazine stand, and the map stand.
After creating these assets I had to go back to editing the maze by adding columns around the perimeter and center, I also had to cut out all of the recessed arches around the perimeter of the maze.
With the last couple of hours in the beta I spent my time inside the maze quickly realizing that it was very dark, so I had to add over 150 recessed lights into the walls and corners of the interior of the maze. After wiring the lights to specific trigger zones( so the level didn’t crash because of the amount of lights in the scene) I was finished, I also added a character that left behind foot prints so navigating the maze was a little easier. Hope everyone enjoys, I strongly suggest visiting and watching the video of Adam Savage creating his maze. Thank you and comments and feedback is appreciated!

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Dude nice work! The whole process is how many Dreams projects should be crafted. Pen and paper is the traditional starting point, even though Kareem has said in past dreams you could just start drawing or sculpting in-game, there’s something about physical drawings in front of you that’s still handy.

Here’s the video from Adam Savage:

Hoping to see it in Dreams myself. Looking forward to more of your work Redrum! :music_imp:

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